I believe that you can create the life you want.

Are you seeking balance and resilience during a life transition? Do you prefer relationships that support you instead of those that confuse, limit or harm you? Would you like to feel more confident and worry much less? Or perhaps you are wanting to manifest your heart's desire.

In a safe and confidential setting, I support you to create the life you want! You can love yourself and transform relationships. You can develop your inner resources to live without chronic stress or pain. You can access your inner wisdom and the strength to follow it.

As a counsellor, I provide an empathetic relationship based on unconditional positive regard that promotes self-awareness and empowers choice and action.

I practice Hypnotherapy because it is an effective means to change patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. Hypnosis is a state of selective focus that is natural and empowering. We experience it spontaneously whenever we daydream. Through hypnosis, you can access and reframe subconscious beliefs, release emotions from a place of safety, and reduce overwhelm and anxiety.

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